Mar 20
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This is a bit old (from the Yerba Buena event back in January) – but I just stumbled upon it… Anyhow, the video provides a 5 min review of some key iPad features. The features reviewed are below:
  • Doubleclick opens a message, PDF attachment viewed, Keyboard demo.
  • Video play demo, Chapter switching, double tapping zooms into the video and making it full screen, doubletap to get out, single tap calls the controls, speakers next to 30 pin conector, microphone view, on/off switch, volume on/off.
  • New Yorker page previewed, New York Times page previewed, Bookmarks icon click, double Tapping fills the screen.
  • Calendar a week view as well as a single day view.
  • Bookshelf concept previewed, Tapping a book opens fullscreen, Page-dragging works, book font size changeable, single tap opens controls.
  • Facebook app fills the screen, Starwalk (app lets you view and identify stars – star tapping idenrfies a star).

Here is the video (PC Mag via YouTube):

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