Jul 09
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Yahoo! Mobile Blog has an interesting analysis that may help shed more light on who the typical iPad user is. See images 1 thru 3 below for the diagrams based on data collected during the analysis.

In short, according to Yahoo! – iPad users are predominantly male (2:1 margin) and 35 to 44 YO age group is heavily represented. Overlay that with Chitka’s stats (see Image 4) where California and NY have the largest iPad user base, add to that a bit of ‘average income by state‘ stats (also see Image 5) – and you should be able to draw some educated guesses…

Image 1: Ipad User Gender Distribution (Male vs Female) – incl. comparison to the average Yahoo! user
iPad User Gender Distribution (Male vs Female)

Image 2: iPad User – Yahoo! Properties Visited (Browsing patterns and Content Preferences)

iPad User Content Preference Patterns

Image 3: iPad User Age Stats as Compared to the Average User

iPad User Age Statistics

Image 4: Chitka’s iPad Stats (Retired as of July 2010)

Chitka iPad Visit Stats - User Breakdown By State

Image 5: US Census, Income by State for Family of 4, sorted by Income Size

US Census - Income by State - Family of 4

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