Feb 18
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(video interview w/Lynch, Adobe CTO below)

There is a lot of noise (and bad vibes) in the media regarding Apple’s decision to not enable Adobe Flash on the iPad. Reports range from claims that Steve Jobs called Adobe (and Google) lazy to assertion that Apple is still negotiating with Adobe. To sum it up, Apple sees Flash as a memory hogging and buggy piece of junk and, to protect the user and user experience, the decision was made to not include support for it.

Case closed, Apple will join a slew of other companies in support of HTML5, a standard that will bring us online video without the need to run an embedded or standalone media player… The decision ticked off many and th developers leveraging Adobe’s tools (Design Suite, Flash, Air, etc.) are certainly among the loudest.

My take on this is a bit different – while I hate when Flash hogs my CPU and RAM – I still see Flash as a pretty solid application (with quite a bit of room for improvement). I believe that Apple’s decision is almost solely based on the company’s strategy to protect the iTunes app revenue channel. At this point, aside from the jailbreaking circus, Adobe Flash is the only serious danger to the App Store. Imagine being able to run flash and all freebie flash games and apps that are floating in the cyberspace – that’d be sweet but it would certainly cut into the iTunes Apps sales.

Let’s finish on a brighter note: here is an interview with Kevin Lynch, Adobe CTO – it touches on several points I wrote about above. Lynch is defensive throughout the interview and he’s trying to play nice – this interview does not help Adobe in convincing both the customer and the Street that all is rosy. Yet, it’s not Lynch’s fault! Whoever is in charge of PR at Adobe should have stopped this and let a strong business person navigate this very rugged landscape.

Credit goes to AllThingsDigital

3 Responses to “On Adobe Flash debate”

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  3. F Apple says:

    Who else but apple would screw their customers to this extent by deciding for them what part of the Internet they can and can’t use? They tout the iPad as the best Internet browsing and never mention that you can’t see half the Internet or print! $1,000 for this iPad I’m using to type this comment and $400 for the iPhone (not to mention umpteen thousand for songs from the iTunes screw you DRM store) so F apple ( I say that every time I buy one of their products).
    PS …. F Apple :-)

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