Jul 30
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Back in March I have received two email with folks asking how to transfer photos to the iPad. I put together a quick guide back then – most folks did not like it as it was short and not very explanatory.

To correct this – here is my second attempt to put together a guide on how to transfer pics onto the iPad – this time with eight screenshots and step to step guide on how to move the image files. The guide is based on my humble setup – 16GB Wi-Fi iPad (no 3G here) and a Windows 7 Prof. client machine running iTunes 9.1…

Here we go:

Step A: Opening iTunes and Setting Photo Sync Up
Fire up the iTunes – Make sure that your iPad device is selected (see A1), and that you are switched to the Photos section (see A2) – finally – make sure you check “Sync Photos” Radio Button (see A3)…

Open Itunes and Select Photos Folder

Step B: Selecting Photo Folders to Sync
You will be on the same screen – double-check that B1 is checked and move onto B2 – here you will chose folder that contains pics you want to move onto the device. Finally, for the purpose of this exercise – let’s chose “Selected Folders” as in B3 (I try to avoid “All Folders” as my photos folder has a large number of photos that would occupy pretty much all free memory space I have on my iPad)

Select folders to be synced in iTunes

Step C: Navigate to Photo Folder
This should be a straight forward step that you have probably completed many times before – navigate to the folder that contains photos that you want copied onto your device – the path to your folder will be something similar to C1 (emphasis on ’similar’ – but not “the same”). Once done, click C2 (“Select Folder”) as shown on the screenshot.

Check, Check… Select what you need in iTunes...

Step D: Excluding Folders from Sync (SYNCING)
In this step you will be able to exclude photo folders that you don’t want to see on your iPad – Verify that D1 and D2 are correct and then move to D3 where you will select what is being moved onto the iPad.


Select albums you need

Step E: Open Photo App
Quick and easy – find a Photo app on your iPad (it’s likely it’ll not be at the same spot as shown here)

iPad Photo App is opened

Step F: Opening Albums View
Once the Photo App is opened – hit the ALBUMS button (see F1):

Switching to iPad Photo Albums View=

Step G: Open Album
Once in “Albums” view of the iPhoto App – you will be able to see all albums that have been synced – the albums should contain the photos you would like to see. For the puprose of this exercise I’ll hit G1 (album with Bird Photos):

Let's select an album with photos you would like to review

Step H: The End
Voilà! All the photo from “Birds” folder are here – let the slide-show begin…
Review photo content of an albums in iPad Photo

11 Responses to “How to transfer photos to iPad (8 step guide)?”

  1. [...] Aug 2010: An updateted 8 Step Tutorial on “how to transfer photos” is here: http://ipad.org/how-to-transfer-photos-to-ipad-8-step-guide/ [...]

  2. Paul R says:

    So if I have photos from a trip on the ipad, and I want to organize them on the ipad into something other than ‘recent downloads’ I somehow synch them into the itunes? Sort of the opposite of what you describe here and then synch back into the ipad with new folder names?

  3. Gale says:

    My iTunes will not allow me to select B3 – selected folders. The radial button is selected for All Folders and will not let me switch to selected folders. Is there something I can do about that?

  4. Sandra Kniep says:

    How do I upload photos from my i-pad to my computer?

  5. gurinder says:

    Hi, thanks for helping out and nice post!
    I am trying to copy the photo folder from my windows 7 to ipad, I am able to select the folders that I want to see on my ipad Album, but after selecting those folders, I don’t see “sync” button, it is replaced with “Revert” and “apply” buttons. Please help!

    Thanks Again

  6. Masa says:

    Hi, I noticed that when you downloaded the bird and dog albums to the Ipad and you opened the photos app (G), there was another album called “saved photos”. How were you able to save this album? When I download my albums all the albums that were in the photo app were removed and only the current ones that I downloaded, birds & dogs, were intact. Apple consultants told me that I had to keep all the albums I wanted to see on I pad downloaded everytime. Is there a lock to keep the original albums on Ipad from getting erased? Thanks.

  7. Elaine says:


    Any idea how to transfer Saved Photos from iPad without having to email each picture to myself?

  8. Juzer says:

    I have recently purchased the camera adapter ,I tried to download pictures via my digicam and it’s not working . Any advice

  9. xgirl says:

    What about such scenario:
    You have ipad with many pictures transfered/sync. from your old but today non existent PC. So you want to transfer new photos an you do it from the new PC you have avaliable. Will your old pictures be erased in the process of synchronizing… That what hapens with apps in similar scenario isn’t it?

  10. Michel slivitzky says:

    new to iPAD2;, just tried the approach and got the following message:

    Certain pictures (14 out of 15 !) were not transferred to the IPAD because it is not possible to post them (translated from french !)

    could not find any explanation …

  11. khairul says:


    i have already try the steps as same as yours, but when i click sync, there’s a dialog box that saying it will remove all my apps. How to prevent this from happening. i want to keep my apps and upload photo to my Ipad.


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