Mar 23
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Aug 2010: An updateted 8 Step Tutorial on “how to transfer photos” is here:

I am getting at least one spam email message a day with this question – the question is followed with a link to a shady site that’s already paddling “iPad Photo Transfer Software” for a humble sum of $39.99. The Fortune magazine had an article the other day that there are more than $21M of iPad related goods on eBay – a quick peak reveals that most of the goods for sale is at least ’shady’ if not outright scam.

Now, back to our photo transfer question: Given that iPad is using the same operating system as iPhone the process of moving and syncing photos between your computer (Mac/PC) should be almost identical (we’ll confirm this once the iPad is released). In short, you can sync it via iTunes, drag and drop of folder or individuval photo files will work as well. Dave Taylor has a nice and brief tutorial on how to do this – so, if you need to figure out how to transport the photos do not spend your hard earned bucks on some shady and overpriced utility app – just drag and drop via iTunes (needles to say the same is applicable if you want to transfer music to your iPod or if you want to download it back to your computer).

2 Responses to “How do I transfer photos to iPad?”

  1. [...] received two email with folks asking how to transfer photos to the iPad. I put together a quick guide back then – most folks did not like it as it was short and not very [...]

  2. Shaoul says:

    I think the optimal way to transfer photos is thruogh usb.

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